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Do you want to be a children's book illustrator? But you kinda don't know where to start? 

Good news:
Children's Book Career Jumpstart is the help you need.

This is a business course developed just for beginning children's book illustrators and it covers everything you need to build a solid career as a children's book illustrator including: how to find clients and agents, how to price and negotiate, what goes in a portfolio, how to market your work and use social media without feeling icky, how to set achievable goals, and so so much more!

“I've been working as an illustrator for many years, and this class is the single best thing I've done for my career since I branched out on my own. Whether you're just getting your feet wet as an illustrator, or you've been doing it for awhile and feel stagnant, or you just want to connect with other illustrators in a growth-oriented environment--this class is an excellent investment in your business! I wish I'd known even half of this when I was starting out, and I'm so grateful to Steph for creating it.”

Virginia G.

You wouldn't even know how much to charge if you did get a children's book project...


you've been avoiding the marketing and social media bits but you know it's time to face it.


You want to know how to contact publishers and agents.


You need help figuring out what goes in a children's book portfolio. 


Let me Guess. You're overwhelmed and feeling stuck?

The list of things you don't know but want to know is about a mile long and yeah you could do some random Googling, but how do you know if you can trust those answers???

This course isn’t about following the same boring formula that everyone else follows.

This course is about uncovering what makes you unique as an artist.

And leveraging that in everything from your portfolio to your marketing.

This course is about standing out. It’s about being memorable to art directors.

In the Learn with Steph Fizer Coleman space, we take a different approach to art and business. 

you deserve to feel that confidence and I'm here to help you find it. This course shares everything I've learned about being a children's book illustrator in my 15 year career as an artist.

Ready to feel confident and prepared to be a children's book illustrator?

Yep. You can have fun making art and build a successful business around that. Ready to jump in?

It's time to stop wondering if you could be a children's book illustrator and start really working towards it. Here's how this course will help:

A 6-module course created to help you define what your ideal career as a children’s book illustrator looks like and craft a plan to make it happen. 


Children's Book
Career Jumpstart

Uncover how you're getting in your own way. Learn how to befriend the obstacles and move forward without them.


Learn how to set goals that are actually achievable and build gentle systems of habits and practices that will help you do just that.


Bring intention into your art work and your marketing. Move confidently forward knowing that you'll draw the right clients into your orbit.


What's Included
Plus these extras:

Define your marketing why & create a marketing plan you'll actually stick with.

Build an easy routine around social media that won't leave you feeling drained & annoyed.

How to create a simple portfolio site that showcases your gorgeous art.

Marketing &
Social Media

Module 04

How to find publishing clients and agents.

How to much you'll get paid to illustrate books and how to negotiate.

Get a look at the flow of a children's book project from contract to final art.

Clients &

Module 03

Understanding your creative flow and using it to schedule your art business. 

Define what a successful career truly looks like for you (not everyone else!).

Overcoming creative blocks.

Your Art Biz

Module 02

Get specific about what goes in your children's book portfolio

Start building complementary income sources the smart way.

Start thinking about how mindset and illustration work together.


Module 01

Setting healthy boundaries in your illustration business. 

How to know when you're ready to quit your day job. 

And everything else you need to build a thriving career as a children's book illustrator.

Keep It

Module 06

How to set big goals and supporting goals.

Creating habits and routines that help you thrive as a children's book illustrator. 

How to be consistent overtime with your goals and habits, slowly building your success.

Goals & 

Module 05

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The Illustrator INterview Vault

Every artist is unique and magical so every children’s book business reflects that. Different points of view are so integral to what we do in this course. And you know you love a behind-the-scenes of other creative businesses just as much as I do! 

The vault includes interviews with: Renee Kurilla, Jannie Ho, Sarah Allen, Ebony Glenn, Natalie Smillie, Anne Bollman, Jess Keating, Jill Howarth, Jennifer A. Bell, Kendyll Hillegas, Ohn Mar Win, Jeanetta Gonzales, Lisa Glanz and Joy LaForme.

The jumpstart workbooks

Because you can listen to me yammer on about becoming a children’s book illustrator forever but unless you put the pencil to paper, you’ll never make the deep connections with yourself that will unfurl into your unique creative business-y awesomeness. 

The Accountability community

Every Learn with Steph Fizer Coleman course comes with access to the free community space where we do weekly accountability check-ins. These check-ins are so valuable in helping you stay on track to reach your illustration business goals!

“Stephanie knows what she's talking about. She goes in depth about each subject, gives tons of examples, and is always happy to answer questions. I feel like I've added some invaluable knowledge to my artist arsenal from her course. She's the illustration friend you wanna have.”

Jordan H.





“This course was a game changer for me. It has helped me grow in confidence about my work and how to run my business. It has given me clarity about where to focus my efforts and how to set up the long-term, sustainable and enjoyable illustration career that I want to build (not what I think others want me to build).”

Paul H.

What began with a few cute bird drawings blossomed into a thriving illustration business working on children's books, greeting cards, puzzles, and other products. 

I've built an art business around my favorite subject matter (birds!) and I created this space to help you build a beautiful creative business around the type of art you want to make. 

Around here, you get to be your beautiful, creative self and learn how to make a living doing it too!

I'm Steph
Fizer Coleman

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No. 1

This is a self-paced course. You can begin immediately and work through at your own pace.

No. 2

There’s space beneath each lesson to leave comments. Use that space to ask questions. Steph will respond within 24 hours. 

No. 3

You have lifetime access to the course and any lesson updates. 

No. 4

This self-paced course is an investment of $197. You can also choose to make two payments of $98.

No. 5

It's up to you, but I'd recommend focusing on one module per week and allowing 1-2 hours per module to view/read the lessons and begin implementing.

No. 6

Nope. While I do have a selection of mini classes on Skillshare, this in-depth course will NOT be available on Skillshare.

No. 7

Nope. Except for a couple of lessons on figuring out what goes in a portfolio, this course focuses on the business side of becoming a children’s book illustrator.

No. 8

Grab a notebook and a pencil so you can make lots of notes!

No. 9

For anyone who wants to be a children’s book illustrator but doesn't know where to begin.

No. 10

I want you to enjoy this class but if you don’t, I offer a limited refund period. You can request a full refund within 14 days of your purchase. Beyond that date, refunds are not possible. 

Don't see your question answered in the FAQ section? 

No worries! Drop a line and I'll personally answer any questions you might have. (Yep, Learn with Steph Fizer Coleman is just me and part time assistant, so I'll really personally answer your quetions!)

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