What if you had a way to grow your art business and take the pressure off the freelancing or licensing side of things?

What if you had a way to deeply connect with your audience and create a space where selling your products or service felt intuitive?

Well, you can have it!

In this course, we’re challenging the idea that freelance is the only way to be an artist or illustrator. We’re challenging the idea that you need to wait for permission (being hired by a company) to bring your dream project to life. We’re challenging the whole starving artist myth, always. 

What that means for you is unique, just as your art is unique.

It could mean: selling limited edition art prints, Kickstarting an art book, self-publishing a children’s book, selling traditionally published books, creating classes or virtual workshops, selling in print-on-demand shops, making and selling unique products.

Your product (or service) is up to you. Helping you become confident and chill at selling that product? Well, that’s what we’re doing in this class. 



  • In this course, you’re going to learn the ins and outs of building an email list, sending emails on a consistent basis, and earning sustainable income that supports and grows your art business.
  • You’ll develop an 8-week plan for launching your email list and a solid 12 month plan for writing emails.
  • You’ll even learn how to sell your products or services to your email list without feeling gross and salesy. 
  • Let go of the thoughts that are holding you back, keeping you from becoming the art business badass you’re meant to be. We’re going to unpack it all and leave it behind as we journey on.
  • Start building a newsletter just for your specific customer or client and start writing emails that your subscribers will be excited to read.
  • Learn how to get subscribers and how to share with them in way that’s unique to you and totally aligned with your beautiful creative business vision.
  • Weave newsletters into your regular marketing strategy (or come up with a marketing strategy if you don’t have one already!) and uncover the secret of marketing in a way that feels good and that brings customers and clients into your orbit.
  • Uncover the magic of email sequences that actually earn passive income while you’re sleeping, drawing, drinking tea, reading a book, walking on the beach, or doing whatever you love to do with your free time (because you’ll have actual free time when you’re not on the freelance hamster wheel forever!)
  • Feel so freaking confident in your marketing skills that you can create anything you want and know that you can truly help people while earning a great income for yourself. 

In this self-paced course, you're going to:

“Art Biz level up is one of the most informative and useful courses I have taken. This course was instrumental with helping me jumpstart my Art business. If I had not taken this course, it would have taken me so much longer to put the pieces together to set myself up in my business!”

Mary Beth M.

Here's where you'll find the magic!

Build your art business on your own terms. You don’t have to wait on permission to create the thing you’re dreaming of making. 

Get off the freelance hamster wheel. Take charge of your business so you can choose to freelance illustration projects that truly excite you while turning down projects that aren’t a good fit. 

Create stable income that is also sustainable. Build an art business that can support your life for years, not weeks or months. 

Build actual passive income so you can take a freaking day off or actually go on vacation with stressing the entire time. Actually earn money while you’re chilling on the beach. It’s a thing. You can have that life. 

Finally start your newsletter so you can worry less about social media and more about sharing your amazing art with folks who are deeply connected to it. 

Learn how to confidently sell your art prints, books, classes, coaching, enamel pins, t-shirts, whatever it is that you’re making, without feeling gross.

“This course really opened my eyes to the importance of building and maintaining an email list. With all the emphasis lately on social media, the focus for artists should instead be on steadily cultivating a dedicated audience that will grow along with them. I really appreciated Steph's experience and honesty about her own growth as an illustrator building her community.“

Dana S.

hey there!

I'm Steph
Fizer Coleman

I'm a bird artist, children's book illustrator, and your creative business guide. 

Building my email list and sending a regular newsletter changed my life. I went from relying entirely on children’s books and art licensing for my income, which had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster, to building sustainable income through my courses that gives me the freedom to pick and choose which illustration projects I work on.

What you’re going to learn in this course works no matter what you want to share with your subscribers. If you want people to buy your picture books, you can do that. If you want folks to purchase your Procreate brushes and create a solid passive income stream, you can do that. If you want to help students find your classes, an email list can do that too. If you’ve got an art print shop and you want to increase your sales, you can use your email list to do that. 

Get to know me

It might just be a newsletter, but it could also be the one thing that changes your art business for the better.

Your email list can bring stability and flexibility into your art business. Stable incomes that give you freedom to choose your illustration projects instead of saying ‘yes’ to everything. Flexibility because your email list can make money for you on auto-pilot while you get to take a freaking day off or actually go on vacation without freaking out because you aren’t earning any money while you chill on the beach.

Now, I’m not into gross sales tactics and I’m not going to teach them to you. What I will teach you is how to build an engaged community around your art, one that doesn’t depend on an always changing algorithm, that will support whatever income source you want to create. 

“I had always wondered about power of newsletters to level up my creative biz and this course had everything I needed to start in earnest. Starting with mindset and branding outlook, then following with lead magnets and conversion rates, all explained a straightforward no nonsense manner that I've yet to hear anywhere else. Since taking this course I've grown my email list by almost 300 contacts in 4 weeks.“

Ohn Mar W.

“I loved the way Steph taught this course and the material she provided us with. She presented information with an easy-going, approachable attitude that I very much appreciated and never made us feel that a question was too dumb to ask. I would take more courses by her in a heartbeat!” 

Allison J.

“Art Biz Level Up is like having your very best art friend sitting by your side, cheering you on, and helping you the whole way. Stephanie has broken down the complicated and intimidating process of creating and launching a newsletter in a realistic and easy to understand series of steps. You can create any type of newsletter from the info presented in this class. You can do a simple, easy to set-up newsletter or you can get more advanced and set-up newsletters that launch a product or create an evergreen sales funnel. Steph's teaching style is friendly, down to earth, and supportive no matter where you are on your art journey.“

Heather R.

What You'll Learn

Mindset & Confidence in Selling

In Module 1, you’ll learn how to build income sources beyond freelance and how to feel confident in selling your art, products or services. You’ll also uncover the ways you might be getting in your own way when it comes to being a successful artist. 

Email List Basics

In Module 2, you’ll learn why having an email list is so powerful and how you can easily weave it into your art business. 

Copywriting & Storytelling

In Module 3, you’ll get clear on what your vision for your art business is and dive into the most powerful tool you have for selling without feeling icky. 

Getting Subscribers

In Module 4, you’ll uncover the deep, dark secrets of lead and magnets and opt-in forms. Seriously though, you’re going to learn how to get people to subscribe to your email list. 

Writing Emails Regularly

Module 5 helps you discover the specifics of your list. How often should you send emails? What should you write? How can it all be easy and not overwhelming? 

Make it Easy with Sequences & Automation

In Module 6, you’ll learn how to embrace the hands-off magic of email sequences & automation. This is where you’ll learn how to build passive income with evergreen email sequences. 

Magnetic Marketing & Sales Funnels

In Module 7, you’ll learn even more about passive income with evergreen launches plus learn how to do a live launch (just like what I’m doing with this course right now!). In this module, you’ll also learn how to shift your marketing mindset for a positive experience for both you and your potential customers. 

Scaling with Ads

In Module 8, you’ll learn how to use ads to grow your creative business and you’ll also learn a continued growth formula that doesn’t involve ads. 

this course is for you if:

🌟You’ve got something to sell (art prints, books, apparel, memberships, classes, Patreon, etc) but you clam up every time it comes to actually telling people about the thing.

🌟You’re ready to build your email list of truly engaged supporters who are deeply connected to what you’re creating.

🌟You’re tired of balancing 497 freelance illustration projects at the same time.

🌟You’re tired of saying ‘yes’ to every freelance project, even the ones that don’t pay that well.

🌟You’re ready to make whatever you want to make! You’re tired of waiting for permission.

🌟You’re tired of doing the same boring marketing stuff that everyone does and you’re ready to build your own unique method of sharing your art with your subscribers. 

this course probably isn't
for you if:

❌You want a quick and easy fix for your art business.

❌You’re not willing to do the work. This is stuff will change your art business, but it takes time and patience.

Imagine if you sent a week’s worth of emails and earned more income than you earned for all of last year.

Imagine if your email list helped you for real make money while you slept.

Imagine being able to deeply connect with your audience and share what you love making with a group of people who also love what you are making.

Imagine not just making art and products that you’re so proud of but being able to sell those products to people who really want them in a way that feels so good and so aligned with your creative business vision.

Those things are available to you. That can be your life.

Are you ready to show up and do the work? 



No. 1

This course is self-paced. You can begin right away and work at your own pace.

No. 2

If you have questions during the course, leave a comment under the appropriate video and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

No. 3

You have lifetime access to this course.

No. 4

This course is $147 when paid in full. Or you can choose two payments of $75 each.

No. 5

It's up to you, but I'd recommend about 1-2 hours a week to work through the lessons and start implementing what you learn.

No. 6

Then this course is perfect for you! You’ll get clarity around why you’re starting an email list and then take solid action to start building it. It’s never too soon to start an email list/newsletter!

No. 7

That’s ok too! You’ll uncover what’s been holding you back and figure out a plan for moving forward. You’ll get clear on what you’re emailing, who you’re sending it to, and why.

No. 8

I teach this course using my preferred email service provider, ConvertKit. However, the lessons learned in this course can be used in any email service provider.

No. 9

Nope, this course is for anyone with an art-centered product or service to sell. If you’re a children’s book illustrator, what you learn in this course will help you promote your picture books and hopefully build your sales!

No. 10

I want you to enjoy this class but if you don’t, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have watched less than 50% off this class and don’t like it, contact me at cs@learnwithsfc.com within 30 days of your original purchase date for a full refund. Refunds are not available when over 50% of the content has been watched.

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