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Hey There! I'm steph Fizer Coleman

For a new illustrator, there are just SO many things to figure out:
• How to find your style (and what style even means!)
• How to use social media without feeling lost and frustrated
• How to find clients and customers
• How to set goals in a way that won’t leave you feeling like a failure
• How to be true to your creativity while making art that is also commercial (meaning clients will hire you for it and customers will buy it!)
• How to build a portfolio site, figure out what art even goes into that portfolio, market yourself beyond social media, not get overwhelmed by comparison, and the list just goes on and on….

You’ve been lightly nudging at the idea of being an illustrator, but you’ve got no inkling where to begin. Or you’ve been trudging along, trying to get started as an illustrator, but you aren’t much further along then when you started. 

Does this feel familiar?


Learn with Steph Fizer Coleman exists to help you uncover the artist you’re meant to be and build a fulfilling and sustainable business around that.

I’ve been working fulltime as an artist for 15 years and in that time, I’ve done it all: children’s books, art licensing, personal commissions, self-publishing, selling art prints, dabbling in print-on-demand, teaching courses, coaching, creating digital products, and probably a few things I’m forgetting!

I spent years making mistakes and stubbornly figuring everything out on my own, but you don’t have to do that! I developed all the courses and resources here to help you find confidence in your art making and direction in your creative business.


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Finding Your Style

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Learn with Steph Fizer Coleman was built to help you find your artistic voice and build a beautiful creative business around that. These resources are just the place to get started. 

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New Around Here?

What began with a few cute bird drawings blossomed into a thriving illustration business working on children's books, greeting cards, puzzles, and other products. 

I've built an art business around my favorite subject matter (birds!) and I created this space to help you build a beautiful creative business around the type of art you want to make. 

Around here, you get to be your beautiful, creative self and learn how to make a living doing it too!

I'm Steph
Fizer Coleman

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hey there!

Sarah z. 

“This course exceeded my expectations.

It not only offered sound advice on how to grow a successful illustration business, but covered how to achieve goals by adopting a positive mindset.

It's equipped me with the practical tools and confidence to drive my career forward."

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Children's Book
Career Jumpstart

Children’s Book Career Jumpstart is a course created to help you define what your ideal career as a children’s book illustrator looks like and craft a plan to make it happen.

Yes, you can make art, have fun, and make money too. For real!


Find that magical balance between your sketches on paper and final art that's easy to edit in Photoshop.

Capture that sense of spontaneity, those moments where mistakes become something special.

And add in the ability to edit in Photoshop, to use a library of textures and brushes to enhance your traditional art too.

mixing traditional & digital art

Photoshop for Illustrators:
Analog + Digital

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Analog + Digital

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Lots of folks are trying to break in children's book publishing. And lots of those folks are taking the same classes from the same teachers and their portfolios all look...kind of the same. 

In the LMPB intensive, we'll help you create beautiful and memorable portfolio work that will capture the attention of art directors and editors. We'll help you stand out from that crowd of identical art.

a 12-week portfolio workshop

Let's Make
Picture Books

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Tips for creating a mindful approach to Instagram & other social media platforms.

Healthy Social Media Habits

The Blog


The truth about building passive income and the best way to really achieve it. 

Passive Income + Email Lists


Ever wonder if you're really going to hit the big money from children's book royalties?

Children's Book Royalties


Three quick ways to add texture in either Photoshop or Procreate. 

Adding Texture to Digital Art

Allison J.

"I loved the way Steph taught this course and the material she provided us with.

She presented information with an easy-going, approachable attitude that I very much appreciated and never made us feel that a question was too dumb to ask.

I would take more courses by her in a heartbeat!"

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This free mini course delivers simple exercises to help you find (or evolve) your art style. In under an hour, you'll uncover the tools to guide your art making with focus and intention. You'll be on your way to finding your art style. 

Free Mini Course: 
Find Your Style

Free Mini Course!

Need some help finding your art style? 

This quick (and free) mini course delivers exercises and ideas to help you uncover (or evolve) your art style.