Procreate Tip: Organize Your Brushes by Project (updated for Procreate 5X)

organize procreate.jpg

One of life’s little annoyances when you’re a digital artist is trying to find that one brush you were using that one time for that one project.

You can solve that by scribbling the names of each brush you use on a separate layer in your Procreate document. Meh.

Instead, let’s organize those brushes by project! Create a folder for each project you’re working on and it’s quick and easy to pick up where you left off with just the right brush.

A bonus tip before we dive into the tutorial: when you buy new brush sets, test your new brushes immediately at a variety of sizes and if you know a brush isn’t your jam, delete that sucker. No need to be cluttering up your brush collection with brushes you’re never going to use.

Now on to the tutorial!

In this quick Procreate tutorial, I go over how to organize your brushes so you can easily group brushes based on your projects. Learn more about Procreate here.


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