Tutorial: Painting Textures for Digital Art

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There are many ways to create texture in digital illustrations. Today you’ll learn the first step in one of my favs: texture overlays.

When I find myself getting bored with using the same old textures—and when I say old, I mean I’ve been using some of my favorite textures for well over a decade!—it’s time to break out the art supplies and make some messes!

I’ve been watching Emma Carlisle’s Patreon videos recently and they’ve been inspiring me to loosen up in bit. Watching her layer gouache and pencil and pastels left me feeling excited to make some textures. Even though Emma is a painter and I have no patience for anything that doesn’t allow me to Ctrl + Z, I’m using that zing of inspiration to push my digital art in new directions too.

New directions = new textures needed! And here we are.

What Supplies Are You Using?

Basically, I just grabbed a few random things to get started:

  • a block of cheap watercolor paper,

  • a few crayons,

  • some Neocolor II wax pastels,

  • some cheap brushes,

  • and some water.

Super easy. Nothing fancy.

Do I Have to Hand Paint My Own Textures?

I mean, you don’t HAVE to but I’d argue that a) it’s fun and b) it’s nice to create unique textures that are a good fit for your style and that no one else will be using.

Oh and c) as a digital artist, you’re staring at your iPad/Cintiq/whatever screen all day so why not give yourself a break from that and play around with some art supplies that you know you’ve been neglecting anyway?

If you’re still all ‘Meh’ about this idea, no worries, I’m working on a round up of texture resources for you that I’ll share soon 😉

You’ll Learn:

  • How to create interesting texture overlays to use in your digital art in apps like Procreate and Photoshop!

As always, if you follow along with this video and want to share your texturey goodness, post on Instagram using #learnwithsfc or tag me @stephfizercoleman.

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