Tutorial: Apply Texture Overlays in Photoshop

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Have you been following along over the last couple of weeks with this tutorial series?

No? Catch up before you watch this tutorial video.

You’ll start by following along as I hand paint a series of textures.

And then you’ll learn how to quickly edit those textures in Photoshop so they are ready to use in any digital art app.

Now in this third tutorial, I’ll take you through the process of using those textures in an illustration.

I dig learning new concepts by starting out with simple illustration so in this tutorial we’re illustrating an apple. Nice simple shapes.

We’ll explore two ways to apply textures to that apple illustration, including a digital collage style and a simple overlay style.

What Supplies Are You Using?

I’m using three things for this tutorial:

  • Photoshop CC

  • Wacom Cintiq 22HD

  • my handmade textures, which you can download for free if you’re subscribed to my weekly newsletter, Artist Letters.

Can I Just Buy Some Nice Textures Instead?


While I encourage making your own textures so you’re guaranteed something unique to work with, I also understand that making textures may not be your jam.

I make textures and also buy textures and use both in my work on a regular basis.

Here are some great texture packs that you can start with:

You’ll Learn:

  • Two simple methods for using texture overlays in your digital art.

As always, if you follow along with this video and want to share your texturey goodness, post on Instagram using #learnwithsfc or tag me @stephfizercoleman.

I’ll be sharing all the textures I create in these tutorials with newsletter subscribers, so sign up for the Artist Letters newsletter now if you aren’t already on list.


  1. Charlotte says:

    This was so helpful- thank you! Do you think it’s possible to list out the steps so as we try this on our own, we don’t have to keep rewatching the video? No pressure! You are generously offering your time and skill for free. Thank you!

    • Hey Charlotte! I think you might find it more helpful to write your own notes on the process as you watch the video and refer back to those. I know that always helps me solidify concepts when I’m learning a new thing 🙂

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