3 Ways to Keep Moving Towards Your Goals

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You know that thing where you set goals for the new year and then by February nothing feels new and shiny anymore, including those goals you set 30 days ago?

Yeah, let’s talk about that.

Let’s talk about how those big illustration career goals feel so doable and exciting in January. Then by February, they seem like too much work and anyway, you’re already distracted by fourteen other things that have nothing to do with your big goals.

February is when doubt starts to creep in, when those goals seem soooooo far away, and when those fresh new habits start to fade.

That makes February a good month to dig deep and find that stubbornness to stick with your new goals and habits even though doing so is REALLY hard.

Persistence and consistency are two big factors in building a successful illustration career. That means showing up to do those small things that grow into your big goals. Yes, even when its difficult. Especially then.

Here are three ways to keep working towards your goals even when you feel like giving up:

Celebrate what you’ve achieved so far. Small steps, big steps, celebrate all of them! Look at what you did in January to work towards your larger goals and celebrate those things in a way that feels special to you. Maybe that means writing those sweet little achievements done and tacking them up on your wall or maybe that means ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant. Whatever! Make it a thing!

Reassess your goals. Guess what? I’ve changed my mind about my goals more than once. Sometimes it looks good on paper but when the doing of the thing begins, you realize it isn’t for you. Take it easy on yourself when it comes to changing course, but also don’t be too easy on yourself. Does this goal genuinely not align with your purpose anymore or is it just becoming tough and making you nervous?

Write down three positive changes you’ll see when you’ve reached your goal. Remind yourself why you started on this path in the first place and think about how you will feel when you’ve reached the end. If your current self is in the muck with a project or goal, thinking about how your future self will be at the end of this hard work might just help you keep pushing.

Building a creative career is hard. You’re digging a path to this big dream. Think how amazing it is to even be taking a chance on this when so many people let their dreams slip away.

You can totally do this. Just keep going.


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