Get ready to find your style & grow your art business with confidence.

Hey there, Artist!

I'm a bird artist, children's book illustrator, and your creative business guide. 

I spent years just making art and practicing hope marketing.

That is, just quietly putting my art on my website or on social media and hoping that something good would happen.

I was just waiting on my ‘big break’ and it never really happened….

Hey there!

I'm Steph Fizer Coleman

I could create my own big breaks.

I didn’t have to sit around waiting on someone else to give me permission or open a door. 

Then one day, just when I felt like quitting, I realized that I was the boss of my art business. 

Gotten real cozy with the business side of things

Given myself plenty of space to explore my creativity

Become more confident in my art skills

I've grown a solid six-figure illustration business around a balance of complementary income sources that fit my personality and art style. 

Since that 'hey you're the freaking boss' moment, 

I focused on making art that fit the vision and then I got serious about getting confident in business too. That meant learning about marketing, figuring out Instagram and Pinterest and how to run ads, understanding goals and habits and mindset, getting better at business finances, and trying out new income sources too.

It also meant giving myself space to explore my art, to be messy and imperfect, and to stop judging myself for not knowing all the answers right away.

That’s what I’ve made for you. A space to explore your art freely and to build your business confidently.

I got clear on what I wanted my art business to look like.

Stepping up as an art boss lady,

I've also:

x Steph 

I’ve been working fulltime as an artist for 15 years and in that time, I’ve done it all: children’s books, art licensing, personal commissions, self-publishing, selling art prints, dabbling in print-on-demand, teaching courses, coaching, creating digital products, and probably a few things I’m forgetting!

I spent years making mistakes and stubbornly figuring everything out on my own, but you don’t have to do that! I developed all the courses and resources here to help you find confidence in your art making and direction in your creative business.

Friend, you can make art that you love AND build a thriving, sustainable business too. 

And yeah, Now my mission is to help artists just like you.

Art Facts!

I’m a self-taught artist. After studying dance and then getting a BA in History, I started to draw in earnest in my early 20s and started my art business a few years later. 

My sketchbook is the heart of my creative practice. I draw in my sketchbook every day. It’s my place to make messes and try new materials and puzzle things out. 

My art making combines traditional painting with digital art in ways that provide flexibility for creative exploration. I teach a class on the exact techniques that I use every day. 

My favorite subject matter to illustrate is birds but I really love drawing animals in general, including whales, beetles, polar bears, lemurs, and elephants. 

My favorite art materials are: Photoshop, my Cintiq, Neocolor II watersoluble pastels, Ecoline brush pens, and Luminance colored pencils. 

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