In the 2nd annual Children’s Book Illustrator Survey, nearly 200 respondents answered questions about income and career. Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to respond! It’s so important to have more transparency in our industry, especially for new artists who may not understand what’s possible in a career as a […]


Last year I hosted a survey about income in children’s book illustration. Two hundred children’s book illustrators responded, and the results were fascinating! I’m prepping for this year’s survey and it’s got me thinking about a big myth that seems to hover over the children’s publishing industry: Everyone is getting rich off children’s book royalties! […]


Most artists try to start building passive income early on in their business. I mean, it’s smart, for sure. And I recommend that my students find passive income sources to balance their freelance efforts. Y’all know I love creative businesses with multiple income sources! But here’s where I think it goes off the rails, the […]


If you’ve been in the vicinity of creative business for any amount of time at least 47 people have mentioned that you really need an email list (or a newsletter, different word for the same thing). You know you should have one. I know you should have one. But who has time to add another […]


Dear Artist, You are more than a number of Instagram followers. Your art is more than a number of likes, comments, or shares. No number determines your worthiness as an artist or a human. An algorithm doesn’t get to decide if your art is good or not. It doesn’t get to decide how you feel […]


Showing up to make art is one of the hardest things to do, even when you really do feel like making art. There are so many sneaky ways we try to self-sabotage, even when we know that making art is going to be fun! One of the ways we self-sabotage our happiest drawing selves is […]


Tell me if this feels familiar to you. Over a decade ago, when I started my art business, I refused to ask for help. It felt like to be successful, I had to figure everything out on my own and that if I asked for help in anyway, it would tarnish my success. Like, this […]


There’s this thing with social media where you discover an artist, an artist with many followers who appears to be truly successful, and whether you intend it or not, it feels like that artist sprang into being right at that moment. You forget that the success you’re seeing was likely preceded by years of hustle […]


Up until a few years ago, I stuck with a strict work schedule. As a freelancer, I felt that it was important to keep regular business hours, just like a “regular” job. My rear was planted at my desk by 8am and it would stay there—except for a lunch break—until 5pm. That worked for me, […]


Last month, I created a survey for children’s book illustrators in hopes of gathering some excellent information to help new artists gain a better grip on understanding the money part of this career. And there were nearly 200 responses! Big thanks to everyone who responded! Now let’s dive into the results and chat about what […]


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What began with a few cute bird drawings blossomed into a thriving illustration business working on children's books, greeting cards, puzzles, and other products. 

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