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Children’s Book Career Jumpstart is a course created to help you define what your ideal career as a children’s book illustrator looks like and craft a plan to make it happen.

Yes, you can make art, have fun, and make money too. For real!

Children's Book
Career Jumpstart

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Lots of folks are trying to break in children's book publishing. And lots of those folks are taking the same classes from the same teachers and their portfolios all look...kind of the same.

In the LMPB intensive, we'll help you create beautiful and memorable portfolio work that will capture the attention of art directors and editors. We'll help you stand out from that crowd of identical art.

Let's Make Picture Books

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This free mini course delivers simple exercises to help you find (or evolve) your art style. In under an hour, you'll uncover the tools to guide your art making with focus and intention. You'll be on your way to finding your art style. 

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