Showing up to make art is one of the hardest things to do, even when you really do feel like making art. There are so many sneaky ways we try to self-sabotage, even when we know that making art is going to be fun! One of the ways we self-sabotage our happiest drawing selves is […]


Tell me if this feels familiar to you. Over a decade ago, when I started my art business, I refused to ask for help. It felt like to be successful, I had to figure everything out on my own and that if I asked for help in anyway, it would tarnish my success. Like, this […]


There’s this thing with social media where you discover an artist, an artist with many followers who appears to be truly successful, and whether you intend it or not, it feels like that artist sprang into being right at that moment. You forget that the success you’re seeing was likely preceded by years of hustle […]


Last month, I created a survey for children’s book illustrators in hopes of gathering some excellent information to help new artists gain a better grip on understanding the money part of this career. And there were nearly 200 responses! Big thanks to everyone who responded! Now let’s dive into the results and chat about what […]


Let’s be dramatic and say that the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, along with Procreate, changed the way people make digital art. Not only that, it made digital art much more accessible. These days you just need an Apple Pencil-compatible iPad and you can start creating art right away! That’s pretty amazing. But can you […]


You know that thing where you set goals for the new year and then by February nothing feels new and shiny anymore, including those goals you set 30 days ago? Yeah, let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about how those big illustration career goals feel so doable and exciting in January. Then by February, they […]


If you’re a self-taught artist and you’re struggling with figuring out how to bridge the gaping chasm between what you want to create and how the heck to create it, this post is for you. Because you know I’ve been there too. Other than doodling in the margins of my notebooks as a kid, I […]


About 3 years ago, I worked myself into a creative burnout that lasted for almost four months. I didn’t just feel exhausted and ill, I felt like every last drop of creativity was just gone. I got there by being a person who just enjoys being busy and by being a person who sucks at […]


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What began with a few cute bird drawings blossomed into a thriving illustration business working on children's books, greeting cards, puzzles, and other products. 

I've built an art business around my favorite subject matter (birds!) and I created this space to help you build a beautiful creative business around the type of art you want to make. 

Around here, you get to be your beautiful, creative self and learn how to make a living doing it too!

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