Last year I hosted a survey about income in children’s book illustration. Two hundred children’s book illustrators responded, and the results were fascinating! I’m prepping for this year’s survey and it’s got me thinking about a big myth that seems to hover over the children’s publishing industry: Everyone is getting rich off children’s book royalties! […]


There’s a strange vibe I’ve noticed recently surrounding digital art. Maybe it’s the pandemic getting to people. Maybe it’s just the internet’s tendency to judge everything. The vibe is that digital art isn’t as respected as traditional art. Now, that’s just crazy. For a couple of reasons. Is digital art on the same level as […]


Today let’s combine two of my favorite things: adding painted textures to digital art and saving time! I’m saving time here because instead of creating new textures for every single illustration, I’ve built a texture library full of texture overlays and texture stamp brushes that I can use over and over again. Excuse me while […]


You’re starting your first children’s book project and you’ve been asked to do thumbnail sketches. What the heck are thumbnail sketches and how do you make them??? What Are Thumbnail Sketches? Thumbnail sketches are a series of tiny sketches used in the first stage of illustrating a children’s books. Use this simple, small sketches to […]


Let’s talk watermarks. Shall we? Put them on every piece of work that you share online. For reals. And it’s not the for reason you think. And I’m not talking some big, ugly watermark splashed across your entire image either. First of all, copyright infringement is real and rampant. Second of all, a big, ugly […]


A quick Photoshop tutorial of how I use values to make sure my colors are working well together. If I feel like my illustration isn’t reading well, a quick value check helps me solve the problem. I hope this helps you too!


  In this video, I walk you through my process for setting up bleed reference on my children’s book spread. These are just reference for myself and the art director or designer and will not be printed when the book is printed.  


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What began with a few cute bird drawings blossomed into a thriving illustration business working on children's books, greeting cards, puzzles, and other products. 

I've built an art business around my favorite subject matter (birds!) and I created this space to help you build a beautiful creative business around the type of art you want to make. 

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Three quick ways to add texture in either Photoshop or Procreate. 

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